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You Turn Me On [demo] “Ты меня заводишь”

Слова © Пер Гессле. Музыка © Пер Гессле. Издатель: Jimmy Fun Music

I wake up in a different daylight
Guess I haven't been around
See me follow a shadow, haunting your body
Naked like water and shining like honey

Move me. You turn me on (thrill of it all)
You turn me on (thrill of it all)
You turn me on (thrill of it all)

I read in the paper how everything's changed
But it's all the same. It's our little game
I reach out and touch an endless temptation
Living a dream, the strangest sensation

Move me...

The lines I have written are lines of your face
Emerge out of nowhere and leave me no trace
And I've had that feeling we turn into one,
When everything's said, when everything's done.