I'm Under Your Magic Spell [demo] “Я околдован тобой”

Слова © Пер Гессле. Музыка © Пер Гессле. Издатель: Jimmy Fun Music

Like a light coming down from the sky,
Thundering Venus and Apollo
A mind invitation of the physical kind
Out of control, I just have to follow

You're close to me, like the air that I breathe
I touch too much, I never wanna leave
Seems I'm under your a magic spell (magic love),
Any way I try, I just can't hide.
I'm under your magic spell
Ain't nothing enough
And I'm on the hunt for your love

Holding the fire [out of the road],
Straight from the heart to the end of the rainbow
Turning electric, and going for gold
Body and soul just have to follow.