Don't Believe In Accidents [demo] “Не верю в случайности”

Слова © Пер Гессле. Музыка © Пер Гессле. Издатель: Jimmy Fun Music

Anything can happen
When I wind up alone with you
You put your finger on the things I like to do
Well anything can happen
There's a field in the air around you
Commanding parts of me
I never ever knew

I want your love of flesh and blood.
Hey you!
This was really meant to be
It's for sure our destiny
Making lovers out of friends
I don't believe in accidents

Anything can happen
When you hit that electric room in me
I lose the time, the place and everything I see
Well anything can happen
There's nothin' else in the world I'd rather do
Than to feed the secret dreams
Hidden in you