Слова © Пер Гессле. Музыка © Мари Фредрикссон, Пер Гессле. Издатель: Shock The Music/Jimmy Fun Music

Living here without you is not an easy way of life.
I spend my time without you, I try to make it all worthwhile.
Standing in a rainfall coming down from the sky.
Why should I cry over you? Why should I cry cry cry over you?

I keep on thinking about you. I've got no private pride to hide.
I've built my world around you like a call without reply.
My love has lost direction, she's got the sun in her eyes.
Why should I cry...

Hearing your footsteps, loud on my stairs
(a-walking...) - living without you.
Feeling the sweet sweet smell of love in the air
(I can feel it...) - living without you.
Kissing the face that I see everywhere
But I'm living without you, living without.